Where to start? What should I begin with?

These are the main questions that come to our heads when we are holding a pencil or a brush in our hands.

The only and the main advice I can give you – PRACTICE! If you want to find your style, if you want to draw better, paint smoothly, get great ideas – draw and paint! Paint and draw! more and more! Every day! Or at least every other day! Do it! And I guarantee that you will master it very soon!

I had my own path to drawing and painting, and actually, I’m still on the path to perfection, and I have to do a lot of steps before I can say: now I’m really good at it. BUT the point is, that when I just started my drawings were awful, really… But I was persistent, I was drawing more and more, and once, when I looked at my very first and very last drawing, I understood that it works! The difference was significant! And what’s best – these weren’t just my words. It’s people around me, my friends, my family, and what’s important – people who I barely knew told me that I’m really good at it! And I shouldn’t stop and I should “do something” with my talent. Talent??? Whaaat? – said I.

I still can’t say that I have talent. I’ve seen talented people, their drawings are so perfect that it seems so natural and simple. I didn’t have it, I needed to work hard to embrace this beautiful world of drawing and painting.

Ok, enough of this. Let’s find out want will really help us to get better at our drawings and paintings.

What’s really important for your growth? Where to start? What to begin with?

1. Inspiration

Follow, observe and search for the artists that you’ll fall in love with their artwork. Find what you really like about their works, not just look at them, find and even make notes for yourself what’s the little features that made your eyes stop at their work and say: Wow! This is a really good exercise. And what’s important – never stop doing this. This exercise will boost your imagination and your willingness to make your artworks better and better and better.

Where to find your inspirational artists?

And the last advice – Google it! Because there’s a lot more communities, forums, social networks, photostocks, art shops that I haven’t mentioned above.

More about inspiration and ideas you can find in my post HOW TO FIND INSPIRATION?.

2. Tools

If you are a newborn illustrator, all you need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sketchbook or just any piece of paper. Because, first of all, you need to learn to sketch. Because before we paint we make a sketch. And if you have no ideas what to sketch go to exercise 1 and find your inspiration!

Where do I buy my tools? For this exercises you don’t need any fancy expensive tools, you can buy these at Walmart/Target or Amazon. But if you want to go fancy and more expensive – go to just any arts & crafts store available to you.

3. Practice

OOOh yeeaaas! Go for it! The exercise that I can recommend here is: find a simple drawing from your inspirational artist and try to copy it.

You won’t get good at it at first, but with practice, you’ll become better and better. Just start right now! Repeat it every day or every other day. The miracle will happen in just two weeks! The good thing is that with practice and copying the inspirational artworks you boost your own imagination, little by little you obtain your own style and one day you’ll find out that you have your own ideas, your own style, your own beautiful artworks!

One day you’ll find out that you have a lot of work done and I dare you to compare your first and last works! And I wish I can see your face at that very moment when you understand – Hey! I’m pretty good at it!

Good luck to you, newborn illustrator! I would love you to share your works in comments.

PS: In the next post I’ll tell more about Inspiration and Practice and I will show some fun exercises you can do easily every day. See you in the next post.

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