How to sketch a dog. Step by step.

Sketching is the type of drawing a rough outline, something like a draft version of a final picture. I usually use sketching before watercoloring, just to get an idea of how something will look on my future final art.

In this post, I’d like to show you how to sketch a dog. I love these animals! Dogs are cute and smart! Just follow my steps and you’ll see how easy it is to sketch a dog.

What materials do you need?

As I mentioned in my post Where to start? What should I begin with? – for the first time all that you need is a simple pencil, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, and a piece of paper. What kind of pencil do you need? – Well, you can use the grades from H to 2B: H, HB, B, or 2B. I think any of those types are good for simple sketching.

Let’s sketch!

First, let’s google some doggies and find the one you like. I like this one!

Take a look at the picture. Think about how can you draw a dog with the use of simple shapes like: ovals, circles, squares and rhombs, triangles and rectangles. Let’s break our dog into several of the basic shapes.

Great! We have our basic shapes. In this case I just used a circle, few ovals, and oblongs. Now let’s start drawing these shapes first. Follow my lead!


Simple forms

Please, do not draw your lines too hard at this point (I drew my lines hard for you, so you can clearly see the lines). You need all your concentration to get the shapes right first. And by the way, your lines don’t need to be perfect, they just need to be light and simple.



On this step, we are going to transform these simple forms into more complex ones, and our circles and ovals will gradually turn into a more realistic shapes of our dog.


Details and finishing

On the last step we will pay attention to details, and will bring our sketch to the end. I just love the last step, because it is the time when you see all that miracle you’ve done from those simple forms. Unbelievable!

Now you know how to draw a dog! It is so fascinating!  I find it very satisfying when you create something you thought isn’t possible for you.
And I want to encourage you to not give up if it takes several attempts before you start to get it right. That is absolutely normal.
What’s great, that you learned to see subjects as simple shapes and now you know hot to start sketching or drawing something. Right! Start from simple shapes!

Good luck! And don’t give up!

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