Do you want to learn how draw or how to illustrate? And what about Art School?

Do you want to learn how draw or how to illustrate?

You are in love with art! You are following your favorite illustrators, artists, art journals, art communities… And one day, words “I want to be an illustrator!” are coming from your mouth and you are so excited, but you don’t know what to begin with! Maybe you need to go to an Art School?

First, let’s find out what is drawing and what is illustrating.

Drawing        – you create a picture with a pencil, pen, or crayon rather than paint.
Illustrating  – you create a picture to go along with a piece of text, you explain the meaning with the use of a picture.

The point is that you can’t become an illustrator without learning how to draw and sketch. Sketch, by the way, is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not a finished work.

So either you want to learn how to draw or became an illustrator, First things firstlet’s learn how to draw and sketch first!

Do I need to go to AN art school to become an illustrator?

The answer is no! It’s absolutely not necessary! Of course, it is good to be educated and what’s best – you don’t need to find all the information yourself, the teachers will do it for you. But nobody ever will ask your diploma in order to hire you as an illustrator. People would want to look on your works, your style… You can educate yourself, these days we have a lot of online classes, lessons, tutorials, youtube “How to’s”,  free, and for money. Feel free to educate yourself either way you want.

Here’s some information where you can educate yourself:

  • Skillshare – I love it myself. They have a lot of good interesting teachers. If you’re a DIY kind of person – this site is for you.
  • Lynda – they have a lot of illustration training and tutorials. Lynda provides consistently professional tutorials.
  • Udemy – it is a competitive classroom marketplace. Their classes are rated, and the quality of the class is illuminated by ratings.

These are just three examples. Use Google to explore and find a lot more information about classes.

Have a great day! See you next time!

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