How to create a seamless pattern from your watercolor illustration.

Hey guys!
Today I want to share with you one of my favorite ways to create a seamless pattern from the watercolor illustration.
I want to go through the whole process with you: from watercoloring to creating the seamless pattern in Adobe Photoshop.

When you want to create a pattern you need to know two things:

1. All elements should be unique (unless you want to create a pattern with same elements because this was actually the idea).
Why? Because when you create a pattern from your illustration it will look the best when your elements are different, believe me, or try it yourself, and learn from your mistakes.

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Summer time! Painting practice with cute little fruit buddies.

If you want to achieve good results, you need to practice a lot. When we paint a lot of repeating or look alike elements we actually learn how to paint them.

Each time you painting the same elements, you learn more about shading, colors, blending etc. I want to offer you to spend some time with me, practicing painting some cute summer fruit buddies. You’re welcome to download the sketch to be able to start the lesson right away.

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Watercolor Pencils. Which are best and why?

Hey there!
Today I wanted to talk about watercolor pencils, which I use along with my watercolors, and, first of all, I wanted to write a few words about the difference between colored pencils and watercolor pencils. So, in case you don’t know the difference, here’s the explanation: the lead inside the regular colored pencil is wax or oil based. The lead inside watercolor pencil is water soluble based.
The drawing with the colored pencil will not wash away, it will stay the same, no matter how much water you use. However, when you are using the watercolor pencils, the drawing will start to dissolve and become somewhat like if you have used watercolors.

Now let’s talk about the best watercolor pencils that we have on the market.

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